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2022 Pro & Am Scoring Results

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Dual Port Challenge 2022

This year we are continuing to offer a dual port challenge with Saugatuck’s tournament. In 2021, team Silver King took this honor home, we look forward to seeing who will take this trophy to their home port in 2022. This is a great opportunity to get into the South Haven tournament, score big and take that score with you to Saugatuck to their two day tournament! The winner of the Dual Port Challenge gets to display the traveling trophy at their home port for the year for bragging rights!

South Haven Municipal Dock Fee Steelheader Special

The City of South Haven came through to help with the cost of the dockage fees at the City Marina (Southside) They have approved a $20 fee per night with a minimum stay of 4 nights, and if you stay the 4 nights, you get the next 3 FREE! What a great benefit to the tournament this year and we REALLY appreciate the city’s approval for this! If you happen to enjoy your stay so much that you will stay past the 7 nights, each additional night will be available at the same $20 cost per night.