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Buoy Program

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In 2018, LimnoTech upgraded the buoycam so it can be shown more often on WOODTV, the wave sensor to provide higher accuracy measurements, and the modem to 4G as 2G/3G are being faded out by Verizon.

PLEASE consider how much you personally rely on data from the buoy during the season. Even if you don’t use it that much, know that folks from the National Weather Service, US Coast Guard, Van Buren County Sheriff use data from buoy daily during the boating season. The buoy is critical during search and rescue operations AND for forecasting Lake Michigan squalls and dangerous rip currents

Contribute NOW to ensure the buoy comes back in 2019. If you have questions about this fundraising project please contact the South Haven Steelheaders at

How to get data from the buoy:

Text 45168 to 866-218-9973

Dial 888-701-8992 enter 45168 as station ID